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The Hybrid Battery Management solution, sometimes referred to as CDC (Charge / DisCharge), rapidly became an industry standard with regard to generator management due to its exceptional OPEX saving possibilities.

We have installations in Africa, Asia, South America, Central America, Caribbean and the less developed part of Europe.

We are no stranger to having to endure harsh and sometimes dangerous environments to reach our customer sites.

A brief outline of development

We first started developing our systems some twelve years ago for the African market to meet the need for greater visibility and greater efficiency of off grid and unreliable grid power at Mobile Telecom Base Station sites.

Our initial pioneering systems enabled the remote monitoring of the generators and the fuel levels and provided the ability to remotely test start and reset fault conditions on control panels.

It rapidly became apparent that most sites were exceedingly inefficient, with generators running up to 24 hours a day when off grid or starting immediately when the grid supply failed.  We wanted to improve on this high OPEX model and so our Hybrid Battery Management solution was developed in early 2006.